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Easter Holidays...
It's the Easter holidays now, and the school I work at has broken up for two weeks. This has given me plenty of time to get a-comicing, and I've managed to keep up a schedule of drawing a page a day for the whole of this week. It's good to be this productive with comics again, as Silent V #5 had taken an altogether ungodly amount of time to write and draw.

There haven't been any reviews yet of Silent V #5, but the bits of feedback I've had have been positive about the inclusion of a back-up strip. It works well for me too, as drawing the same characters and locations does get tiresome. As I type this, I'm 5 pages in to drawing the main story for Silent V#6, and I've got some ideas for a one-off secondary strip.

As just mentioned, there haven't been any reviews yet of Silent V #5, though it has gone out to Optical Sloth and High-Low. I must admit I'm somewhat nervous about the critical responses to this one, as I don't know how the rather unsavoury "Flotsam and Jetsam" strip will be received by reviewers. Time will tell. And, hey-ho, I liked "Flotsam and Jetsam" even if no one else does.

Perhaps it's a bit premature to say this now, but Silent V is starting to draw to a conclusion. I think there will be another two comics in this series, and then I'll move on to new creative endeavours. At time of writing, I'm not sure what my next project will be. I've been reading a lot of Dave Sim's Cerebus of late, and this has me interested in doing something in a medieval fantasy setting. But we'll see...